Preparing Your Home for an Incoming Foreign Domestic Helper

Hiring a foreign domestic helper(外傭) can be a daunting task, especially if you have never had one before. However, with proper guidance and management, having a domestic helper can be a great blessing in disguise. Domestic helpers can help you with various household tasks and provide you with valuable assistance. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to manage a foreign domestic helper and make the most out of your working relationship.

  1. Build a Positive Relationship

Building a positive relationship with your domestic helper is essential. To start, greet them every morning and ask how they are doing. Learn about their culture and ask their input and ideas about household tasks. Additionally, invest in their welfare by providing comfortable living quarters and working conditions. A positive relationship will help you and your domestic helper to communicate smoothly and comfortably.

  1. Set Clear Expectations

Ensure your domestic helper is clear about household rules and expectations. Review daily duties and tasks, and make sure they understand how to carry out these tasks. Additionally, provide clear instructions on how you prefer your house chores done. This will avoid misunderstandings and ensure that your domestic helper meets your expectations.

  1. Provide Proper Training

If you hire a domestic helper for the first time, provide adequate training to ensure that they know how everything is done the way you prefer. Train them on how to use cleaning equipment and chemicals and other household appliance. Also, let them know how you like your clothes washed, ironed, and stored.

  1. Respect Their Time Off

Showing respect for your domestic helper is essential, both in terms of compensation and time off. Ensure that their working hours are reasonable, and they have enough time for themselves. If they work for extended periods, ensure that they have sufficient rest and sleep. Respect any days off they have, and avoid asking them to work on those days unless it is an emergency.

  1. Regularly Communicate

Communication is vital when working with a foreign domestic helper. Create an environment that fosters open communication. Ask for feedback on their work, make suggestions, and create discussion spaces to address any concerns. You can also hold regular meetings to discuss changes in schedules or tasks.

Hiring a foreign domestic helper can be an excellent way to make your household routines easier. However, the key to making this relationship work is by investing time and effort into building a positive and supportive relationship. Clear expectations, proper communication, and mutual respect are the cornerstones of a healthy working relationship. Follow these tips to manage your foreign domestic helper and enjoy the benefits of having a reliable household helping hand.

This means being respectful of their culture and beliefs, communicating clearly on expectations, providing clear instructions when delegating tasks, and treating them with kindness and fairness. With the right attitude and understanding, your working relationship can be a positive experience for both parties. Additionally, hiring an FDW can also help you save time by taking over some of the necessary but mundane tasks like laundry, food preparation, and cleaning. Not only does this free up time for you to do more important tasks or spend more quality time with your loved ones, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that the household chores are taken care of by a trusted professional.  Moreover, if you require additional help such as elderly care or childcare assistance, hiring an FDW can be especially beneficial. With the right qualifications and experience, they can help take care of your family’s needs while you focus on other important matters.


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