Dr. Jon Kiev: Why Aviation Is More Popular Now As A Hobby

Everyone has their own reasons for starting a transportation hobby. Some people do it to make money, while others do it simply to relax. Whatever your reason for getting into aviation, there’s no denying that it’s become much more popular in recent years — especially compared to other hobbies like fishing or photography. Here are some important reasons from Dr. Jon Kiev on why aviation is more popular now as a hobby.

Aviation Is Becoming More Popular W Because Of The New Technology

First of all, the brand-new technology that makes aviation safer and easier is one of the main reasons why aviation is becoming more popular now as a hobby. For example, there are many drones available on the market that can be bought by anyone with a credit card. These drones allow people to fly them without having any experience in aviation.

Also, because of this new technology, there are now many online courses where you can learn how to fly a plane or helicopter without going through an expensive flight school or academy (which used to be necessary).

Another reason why aviation is so popular as a hobby nowadays is because of how safe it has become over time due to better designs and materials used for airplanes’ bodies as well as for engines and other parts inside them such as propellers or wings. This means less chance of accidents happening during flights which means less risk involved when buying tickets from lightweight aviation companies.

There Are Many Kinds Of Aircraft That You Can Fly, From Small Ones To Large Ones

Aviation has become more and more popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts like Dr. Jon Kiev nowadays because there are many kinds of aircraft, from small ones to large ones.

Some of them are turboprop planes, jet aircraft, helicopters (helicopters), airships (airships), and gliders. Also known as sailplanes, gliders are unpowered aircraft that rely on gravity and air currents for flight.

Aviation Can Be A Life Changing Experience That Will Help People Succeed In Life

For some people, aviation is just another hobby or interest. But for others, this transportation field can be a life-changing experience that will help them succeed in life. If you love flying and want to get started in the aviation industry then there are many different paths you can take.

Aerospace engineering has become one of the top careers for those who love aviation because of how much demand there is for this skill set as well as its high salaries and job security. If you’re interested in pursuing an aerospace engineering degree but don’t know where to start, there are some tips to follow.

For one, look at schools near your home or at least within driving distance so that if anything goes wrong during school such as family emergencies or illness they don’t have far away from home where they feel comfortable staying while recovering.

The closer the flying schools are located together, means less time spent traveling back and forth between classes which would otherwise waste valuable study hours needed later down the road when finals come around again!


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