Are you facing email deliverability issues? Are you finding your emails ending up in spam folders? Finding a solution for your email issues is easy with Folderly. Folderly is an artificial intelligence-based online platform that helps its clients solve all their email deliverability issues.

It is a fact that more than 51%of all emails by business brandsnever reach the right inboxes. Many of them end up in spam folders with no one ever noticing them. Such issues could lead to companies missing out on many sales opportunities because their potential clients don’t see various emails from your brand.

Folderly guarantees all its customers that their emails never fall under the 51% of emails that facedeliverability issues.They ensure that you will see an increase of 30% in the email reply rates of your company.You will also see more people opening your emails and the email opening rate will go up by 70% for your brand.

Folderly is an email tester service that is trusted by more than 200 companies. They have all found great satisfaction from the services provided by this service. After making use of Folderly’s services, they have all found their email spam rate to be 0%.Not only that, but the site also boasts of more than 400% user retention for many of its satisfied clients.


One of the most attractive features of this email tester service is that it offers different services to different types of businesses and companies. You can choose the most suitable one for your business depending on whether it is a startup, enterprise or agency.This allows for companies to get the best sort of service for their email issues.

  • Startups:

If you own a startup, you know the importance of producing leads and connections as quickly as possible. This means even one of your emails ending up in spam folders or you facing sending issues could lead to a huge loss for you. Folderly can help you to not face any of those issues.

  • Agencies:

Most service agencies are worried about their SDRs and SEs ending up in spam folders of customers and potential clients. This could lead to agencies losing out on a lot of opportunities. Folderly makes sure to help recover such emails from the spam foldersand helps you increase your email deliverability rates.

  • Enterprises:

An enterprise might have several customers across different fields. In such cases, you will need to make sure you keep up your online email sending reputation.If you choose to take the help of Folderly, you can keep a check on your emails as well as various domains. You will also get timely updates on various aspects such as DNS settings, IP or SMTP etc.


Clients who have used Folderly’s services before say only great things to sayabout the service. The online platform has made sure that all its customers are satisfied. Many have reported huge increases in user retention for their companies as all an increase in their email deliverable rates.

Waste no more time and signup to Folderly and their services today itself!

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