The joker123 website is a world-famous online gambling platform. It attracts thousands of people who are new to gambling every month due to its benefits and perks.

But many of these newcomers get stuck in a loop of losing money and find it hard to get started with online gambling. Many of the novice online gamblers quit before getting in the proper groove of winning and lose their chance to earn loads of money.

This article is written for the newcomers who find it difficult to get started with online gambling on the joker123website and help them have their first win.

The joker123 website is very beginner-friendly, so if anyone is stuck in any technical problem or a problem related to games, the joker123 team will gladly help. But if one is stuck in playing games and yet losing all the time, here are some tips:

  • Try many slots machines:

When one visits the joker123 website, there are many slot machines with different games over them. The website gives out free trials to almost all of them, and it is a gamechanger for a novice. Avail to those free trials and choose a game that one is most comfortable playing.

Another thing to keep in mind is one can choose a slot machine that offers many gifts and bonuses compared to others.

  • Choose a slot machine that has tiny jackpots:

Going for the high jackpots is the first mistake every newcomer makes. One must know that the bigger the jackpot is, the harder the game level is set. Therefore one must not drown in the greed and choose a slot machine that has a big jackpot, but rather work their skill up slowly to higher jackpots.

  • Play with maximum credits:

Whenever one is playing on a slot machine over the joker123 website, try to play with many credits. The slot machines are designed to give out more bonuses and jackpots when the number of credits staked is high and progressive.

  • Set loss limits:

Setting a loss limit is a very crucial factor while playing slot machines. Newcomers don’t fully understand the emotional aspect of gambling online. It is the reason why they lose large sums of money because they don’t know when to stop. To avoid losing all of the money, it is necessary to set a loss limit and stop playing whenever it hits.

  • Play with coins if possible:

Instead of using money, one can also play with coins over a slot machine. What is a better way than gambling over a slot machine in its own currency? Using slot coins to gamble also increases one’s chances of hitting the jackpot and bonuses than using money.

  • Play on a lonely slot machine:

Newcomers always need to find a machine that is not played much by other gamblers. As the more gamblers that play on a single slot machine, the harder it gets to win a jackpot. Therefore to increase the chances of winning bonuses and jackpots, try finding a lonely slot machine.

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