Butchers go e-commerce: Succeeding in the online world of meat [5 ...

The brick and mortar shop is no longer the prime focus of the customers today. If you open your butcher shop now in the market place, you will have lesser customers than you will get on the website. So what is the use of investing in establishing the shop when all you need is an online portal? Get the orders online and cater to the demands of the customers on time. You have to keep one thing in mind that the customer won’t be able to see you as in a physical shop. So the person will believe whatever you are writing on the website. Be sure to stick to the actual facts and not exaggerate at any point.

Easy ordering policy

You have to emphasize creating a very interactive page at https://www.flannerybeef.com/where the customers can easily view the products and order accordingly. Adding to the cart and removing it from the cart should be equally comfortable and fast. The payment gateway should have a high level of security, which will help to make the payments without any tension of hacking. Also, keep options for repeating orders so that with one click, a buyer can repeat the same quantity and items as before instead of going through the entire list and again selecting one by one.

Quick delivery

If you are providing only online service, then you have to be very prompt in delivering the orders. A consumer may want to start preparing the meat from noon and is ordering in the morning. Keep your stock ready so that you can cater to the urgent needs of the customers. Often, the speed of delivery also can become the unique selling factor of your meat shop. It takes a lot of time to cook beef already. Over and above, if you deliver late, there will be no meaning of the urgent purchase.

Maintain transparency

If possible, try to put up the images of the farm or the cows inside the breeding area. It will help the consumers to know how you maintain hygiene in the area. If you can continuously show to your customers how the entire processing of the beef is going on, it will convince the customers about the quality control in your facility. That will be an added advantage as very few sellers can maintain such transparency with their customers. You can also post videos informing people about the benefits of eating beef and how it improves health.

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