Air driven gas boosters are the most useful choice for applications that need compression of air and various kinds of industrial gases. They’re lightweight, easy-to-install and employ, require no electrical energy source, and therefore are easily portable. This could compress various industrial gases for example xenon, hydrogen, argon, oxygen, helium, nitrogen, and co2, at various operating pressures.

Industrial Applications

The different benefits make sure they are the right solution for various industrial applications.

Machine Tooling: This is among the most widely used industrial application. Applications include gun drilling, laser cutting, clamping, grinding, press overloads, lube, wheel cleaning, and clutch and brake operations.

Automotive: Within the automotive industry, these are utilized to support gas fuelling applications. Large storage or ruthless cylinders are utilized to fill gas into gas fuelled vehicles. Boosters are utilized to amplify the gas inside the cylinders for fast filling of car tanks.

Aerospace: These are typically employed for ground support in aerospace applications. Nitrogen, co2, and helium are the gases, that are combined with gas boosters. General applications include the whole process of pneumatic tools, tire inflation, and pressure gauge calibration. Components for example landing gear struts and accumulators could be billed using gas boosters. Helium cylinders employed for inflating rafts and existence chutes are refilled using gas boosters.

Defense: These may be used in several military applications. Land applications include oxygen concentrators, boosting gun recoil mechanisms, support cooling systems for infrared missiles and argon cooling nitrites. Small boosters are utilized by helicopters along with other aircraft for inflatable floats. Boosters may also be used for boiler pressure testing and charging breathing apparatuses for navy applications.

Fire and Save: Standard and customised systems are regularly utilized by fire and safety departments in lots of metropolitan areas. Boosters may be used to optimize the oxygen supply from cylinders by boosting the opening pressure. Portable gas boosters are liked by fire departments instead of trailered compression systems. They are necessary to refilling Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) bottles.

Gas and oil: Whether it is onshore and offshore plants, you can use it for gas and oil refining, storage, and processing applications. On offshore plants, they are utilised to charge a diver’s existence support system. Leftover helium in cylinders can be simply retrieved using gas boosters. It’s extensively employed for pressure and leak testing.

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