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for every taste

Our group menus are priced at $40 and $50

Our selection of appetizers to welcome your guests can be emailed to you upon request.

A vegetarian option is always included in our menus. It is a risotto that varies seasonally. Note that our menu is also 70% gluten free. We offer gluten-free bread from Premières Moissons as well as Mary’s gluten-free chips, and gluten-free Glutenberg beers.

We offer private import wines exclusively from $40. We generally calculate half a bottle per person, but can always adapt to your budget.

We can welcome your guests with a welcome drink: we offer our “house aperitif”, a rosé cider from the Vergers de la Colline served in a champagne flute. It’s a bubbly drink with a nice balance, neither too sweet nor too dry. The flute of cider is priced at $4.50.

We also offer $7 coupons that you can distribute to your guests,who will then exchange them for drinks from our waiters. They will have a choice between a pint of draft beer, a glass of red wine or white wine, or an “entry-level” alcohol with a soda or a juice of their choice (such as Rum&coke, Vodka-orange, Gin-tonic, etc.)
$10 coupons are also available. They give access to a pint of draft beer, a glass of red wine or white wine, a cocktail or a “top-shelf” alcohol with soda or juice of their choice (Bombay Saphir gin, Gray Goose Vodka, etc.)

From 10:30p.m., your guests will be able to dance if they wish. We can use your own playlists via our PC and at the request of your guests or we offer the services of a professional music services of a DJ for $250 per night.

We have the room for projections if desired. The material remains at your discretion. A microphone is available if you wish to speak in front of your guests.

Do not forget that a large parking lot is available at the back of the restaurant for your vehicles.

If you like, we can arrange an in-person visit of our restaurant so you can better understand the possibilities that are available to you.

Contact Laurent Wilhelm at 514-522-8784.





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