People think everything social media influencers and celebrities wear is real. This huge misconception forces millions of people to “follow” their favourite celebrity’s footsteps and make financial blunders by investing in pieces of jewellery that they can’t afford. What such gullible people need to realize is that most of the sparklers that these stars wear aren’t real and high-priced diamonds- they’re low-priced cubic zirconia. That’s because most celebrities are afraid to wear authentic jewellery all the time. That’s why getting a “not so real” jewellery set is so advantageous. These imitation jewellery sets enable them to look flashy and gorgeous but also stay safe in case they’re victims of robber or theft. 

Travelling with Real Jewellery Is Extremely Risky 

When famous model Kim Kardashian was robbed of jewellery worth millions, the world realized how dangerous it is to travel with authentic jewellery. That’s why investments in high-quality yet fake diamond engagement rings have skyrocketed in the past four years. Since social media starts constantly travel back and forth across the world, it doesn’t make sense for them to carry millions of dollars’ worth of jewellery all the time. The problem is that these superstars can easily recover from the losses they face when their expensive pieces of jewellery are stolen. They can also sponsor expensive private investigations. What about the average citizen? Apart from recovering some money from jewellery insurance (something most common jewellery owners don’t have), their hands are tied. That’s why investing in mock jewellery is one trend everyone needs to start following. 

Time and Place 

Women who travel wearing authentic rings experience ten times more stress than women who travel while wearing fake engagement rings that look real. There’s a time and place to show off expensive jewellery pieces. The airport, the workplace, or small-scale gatherings are not the places to do so. If celebrities who employ more security personnel, than most people can take such precautions, so should the average citizen!

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