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An educational trip to Japan is the best idea if you want to give your child a fascinating cultural and educational experience. But before planning, the school authority should be clear about the chief focus of the tour. The itinerary depends on whether you want to provide the children with extensive geographical field experience, or you want to enrich their sense of art and culture. The students also have a scope of learning much elaborate history through the visit. So the determination of the intended focus is essential. Once you have decided to take your students to the country, you have to look out for the japan student tours that will suit the purpose.

Historical importance

There are always long stories of historical importance when you visit some of the places in Japan. For instance, the Hiroshima Memorial Park is the tribute to the horrific atom bombing at Hiroshima in 1945. The victims of the first nuclear attack deserve commemoration. Millions of tourists visit the Hiroshima Heiwa Kinen Koen every year. You must take your students to Kyoto, which is the best example of the traditional Japanese city as it survived the devastation of World War II. The 14th century golden Pavillion is the famous tourist spot for the golden embellishments. The Nijo Castle is also a 17th-century fortress.

Architectural beauty

If you are keen to develop a strong sense of art and architecture in the students, then you have to take them to the Great Budhha Hall of Todaii Temple in Nara. In the year 728, the construction had its completion along with two pagodas. From the perspective of height, these were second to the pyramids of Egypt. The Skytree is an architectural wonder towering at 634 meters. The Japanese pagodas have been the inspiration for the building. It is earthquake resistant as the builders used 100 tons of earthquake dampeners.

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