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Facts you should know about Sanitizing services

Commercial Disinfecting Services to the Rescue

As they say need is the mother of invention. Coronavirus crisis brings a service or a business model, which is sanitizing services. These services are called when you want to get rid of disinfectants. These services handled by reliable and professionals who claim to clean your house from pathogens and bacteria. This industry is growing at an alarming rate as everyone wants to be safe, and these services come in handy.

Making clean your surrounding and rooms is not enough as now you need to make it disinfected. This is the time humankind has not ever seen, and everybody is surprised and confused about how to handle this pandemic. Now we should invest our time and money on our safety. So we should use sanitizing services so that we overcome this pandemic. These services use strict protocols and rules.

  • Most of these services is 24/7 available. This makes it more reliable and dependable. Many services follow government protocols and suggested products. These services do not ‘spray and wipe.’ These methods are not successful in stopping the virus and dangerous pathogens. There is a strict rule for proper wiping techniques.
  • To kill germs and other harmful bacteria. Liquid or disinfectants must remain on the surface, which you want to clean. So these services take their time to clean your house, business and workplaces.
  • Most of the facilities uses touchless technologies. Thus the surface could be overlooked or could not be reached. And can breed the bacteria, so these services proof that there are best in the business.

These services use the strict protocols suggested by the governmental bodies, and they also use the disinfectants which are safe for edible product and non-corrosive as well. These services are not only for novel coronavirus, but they also remove diseases like Influenza A, Norovirus, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, H1N1, and many fungi and molds and odors. A study claim’s that by bleach cleaning, it takes nearly 5 minutes to kill, but by professional services, this time reduces to 2 minutes. Other than this there are many features for the comfort of the customer

  • Schedule: There are office coordinates that fit the customer’s time as there are 24/7 available so you can fix the appointment according to your needs.
  • Testing: – When the professional arrives, technicians take a test to see how much the environment is sterile and before there is cleaning.
  • Wipe-down: – These services clean the high touch surface with special microfiber cloths, and government-approved organic cleaner. After wiping the surface’s, the fabric is disposed in a polyethylene bag.
  • Touchless Technology: -The technicians use electric sprayers and ULV foggers, we will apply disinfectant to the surfaces, and the goal is to reach the maximum coverage. After spraying there is a kill time of 5-10 minutes so that the efficiency of services is ensured.
  • Another Testing: – As there was initial testing of the environment. Now the technicians test the environment and see the improvement and see if any other development is needed.
  • Certificate: – These services also provide a certificate of completion. So that visitors and occupants know that the workplace or home is wholly Sanitized.

As we are in the middle of a crisis, to end this, we can follow the protocols and bring sanitizing services to secure our home, business, and workplace. 

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