Diamonds are an all-time favorite of every people who love to wear classic jewelry. But the current trend is all about moissanite. The gemstone is much nascent in comparison to the diamond and other precious stones. But it has made a permanent place in the market owing to its enormous popularity. There is a tremendous increment in the sales figure of the Moissanite Engagement RingsOf course, when you give the customers a better product at a lower price than diamond, the customers would grab them happily. And that is what exactly happening with the moissanite. You can literally see the fire and the spectral colors that outshine the diamonds.

Round moissanite

If you are looking for the closest counterpart of the diamonds in the moissanite version, then the round ones will be the best option. The stones are the replica of the diamonds. Even the measurements are exact for each carat of the weight. The ordinary people cannot distinguish between a moissanite and a traditional diamond if you are comparing the round ones. The 2 Carat round diamond is an exact equivalent of the 8 mm round moissanite. The funny part is that the round diamond has lesser shine than the round moissanite. The brighter appearance of the gem is astounding. 

Cushion moissanite

If you are trying to find the best possible alternative for the cushion cut diamonds, then the cushion moissanite is the only option. The brilliance of the cushion cut diamond is distinctive. However, the bright sparkle of the moissanite can mimic the brilliance of diamond accurately. Those who know about the faceting specialty of the cushion cut diamonds can tell you how to identify the rocks by seeing the blurry brilliance. The moissanite maintains the exact brilliance, which lacks proper definition and is a bit blurry.

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